Purchase With A Purpose – Seven Sisters Scones

Purchase With A Purpose


We are proud to partner with Saprea, a non-profit dedicated to helping the victims of abuse.  100% of the donations received go directly to Saprea.  Saprea's services and resources are completely free and have helped many women and children confront and overcome childhood sexual abuse.

There are two ways to contribute with your purchase. You can purchase the Saprea Box, featuring a variety of scones and treats including our Fruit & Nut Scone, inspired by our mom. $10 for each box will fund Saprea efforts to help the victims of sexual abuse.

Alternatively, you can add a donation to any purchase on the product page. 

We hope you will join us and Saprea in helping victims of childhood sexual abuse.



  • 5

    This place has so much to choose from. Can you imagine a chicken sausage sconewhich with Swiss cheese?

    G. Camille Curling

  • 5

    Yes yes yes! Seven Sister’s deserves seven stars! Scones are full of flavor yet exquisitely delicate of texture. The liege waffle, oh my... don’t even bother putting syrup on it, it stands on its own! A must try!

    Ugo Bitussi

  • 5

    These scones are magical. And the team running it is the best!! You don't even have to like scones, and these will blow you away. Try the honey lavender, vanilla bean, lemon poppy, and absolutely get the breakfast sconewich on jalapeno cheddar!!

    Hari Iyer