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About Us

Like most good stories, ours starts with love.

Seven Sisters Scones is the brainchild of Hala Yassine, one of seven sisters (and two brothers)! Growing up in a family of seven opinionated, stubborn, loving sisters and two wonderful brothers meant that nothing was ever simple. But, there was one thing we could all agree on – good food. Meals were where everyone talked, shared, and reached across the table to say “I care”. Seven Sisters Scones carries on that tradition of bringing friends and family together by offering fresh, made-from-scratch scones that will make you say “Wow, I didn’t know a scone could be so amazing.” 

Hala started baking her scones when her family needed a nutritious, flavorful breakfast option. First, it was a classic scone – cranberry orange. Then, her sisters got a hold of it. And, as always, the sisters had requests. “Can’t you make an apple caramel?” “No, a chocolate scone that would be great.” “I hate sweet – what about savory scones?" 

Let’s just say – when the sisters start, they go on for a while.

Soon, Hala was creating all these different flavors. And stocking her freezer so that anyone could grab and go. Orders came in from friends and family. She was giving them away as gifts. The next step was selling at farmer’s markets. She went from one market to six in a year and quickly outgrew being in a shared kitchen. That led to our first cafe in Johns Creek, GA, now known as Seven Sisters Kitchen. But, we’re not limiting ourselves to sharing the love locally, which is why we ship our scones nationwide.

Are you ready to get sconed? Welcome to the family!


  • 5

    This place has so much to choose from. Can you imagine a chicken sausage sconewhich with Swiss cheese?

    G. Camille Curling

  • 5

    Yes yes yes! Seven Sister’s deserves seven stars! Scones are full of flavor yet exquisitely delicate of texture. The liege waffle, oh my... don’t even bother putting syrup on it, it stands on its own! A must try!

    Ugo Bitussi

  • 5

    These scones are magical. And the team running it is the best!! You don't even have to like scones, and these will blow you away. Try the honey lavender, vanilla bean, lemon poppy, and absolutely get the breakfast sconewich on jalapeno cheddar!!

    Hari Iyer