Get Sconed.

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About Seven Sisters Scones

Seven Sisters Scones is a bakery with a modern take on scones. Contrary to traditional, crumbly scones, ours are moist and come in a wide variety of sweet and savory flavors. We offer breakfast and lunch sconewiches (our take on sandwiches) as well as soups and salads. In addition, we have a variety of specialty items - sauces, croutons and Bissconies (our response to the biscotti). Whether you're looking for a quick meal, a gift or to cater a special event, we've got something for you. Come by our store or order online, we're always here to help.

Gift Box Dozen Scones

Gift Box: Dozen Scones in Assorted Flavors

Our Story

Like most good stories, ours starts with love. Hala wanted an easy and portable breakfast for her husband. Why not a scone? First, it was one flavor. Then two. Pretty soon, the sisters got involved.

Soon, Hala was creating all kinds of flavors. She put her scones to the test at local farmers markets and her fan base grew.

Within a year, we opened up our first shop – bold flavors, fresh ingredients, fresh baked. Our store offers delivery and ships nationwide.

We hope you enjoy our scones like the sisters do. Out on the deck, with a cup of coffee, talking about life.