Gluten-Free Options

gluten-free scones, soups, sandwiches, quiche, brownies, cookiesPlease note: We do NOT have a gluten-free kitchen. We wash all of our utensils and pans prior to baking our scones and do not mix gluten and gluten-free products. However, if you have a severe allergy or celiac disease, please contact us prior to ordering.

We are proud to offer several options for our GF customers. In the cafe, we always carry at least one GF scone flavor (often two). Examples include Blueberry, Cranberry Orange, and Bacon, Cheddar & Chive.

Other options include our a selection of soups, salads, sconewiches™; (our take on sandwiches), quiche, hot meals, brownies, cookies, macaroons, croutons and bisconie™ (biscotti).  Our menu and flavors change daily so make sure to call and ask for additional options.

For special orders, we can do also make GF cakes, pies (crust made from scratch – not bought!) and a variety of other items. Our goal is to make you say, “I can’t believe this is gluten-free!”

If you have questions, please contact us at or 470-448-1905.


How good are your gluten-free scones and other goods?

You would never guess our GF items are gluten-free. For our GF scones, we tested a variety of flours and methods to ensure the highest-quality product for our customers. We use Cup4Cup flour because of its versatility and performance. We bake our scones fresh daily so that you get a product that is moist and flavorful.

For meals and other options, we focus on items that are naturally GF and use high-quality ingredients to ensure they stay that way. For example, our sandwiches are made with Boar’s Head meats because they are certified gluten-free. When making soups, we use a GF broth.  When a flour is needed, we substitute a high-quality GF flour and leave all the remaining flavors the same. Sometimes, this doesn’t work which is why we do not offer GF products in all flavors.

Our goal is simple – to deliver a quality, flavorful product that doesn’t feel like you’re comprising.

Do you ship your gluten-free items?

Sometimes. Our goal is always freshness. GF items tend to have a short shelf life, making shipping a challenge. However, we do have options for shipping your items. Contact us at or 470-448-1905 with questions.